SSL Certificate by Comodo for Sale at Cheap rates in Pakistan Official reseller

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a world famous protocol which ensures the security of websites and prevent them from being hacked. All popular websites that offer online transactions for credit cards and sale purchase online must have to be SSL based other wise the chances of being hacked are too much.

Pakistan and India are neighboring countries and Indian hackers are always trying to hack and steel the data of Pakistani government and private sector eCommerce based websites. In this scenario the importance of SSL certificates is mush higher

With the emergence of eCommerce in Pakistan, SSL certificates are becoming a must have for companies who are more concerned about privacy of data and specially the companies who are selling something online.

We are official re-seller of Comodo Digital SSL certificates which cost as low as Rs 1200 per year for Positive SSL certificates with 256 bit encryption.

Please note that if your website is running on servers of any other company you can still purchase ssl certificate from us however you may need assistance for installing ssl license on the server and you can very easily do it your self if your exiting websites is Cpanel based.

Please follow the link for the list of available packages

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