Seo tools

SEO tools are really just one of several different classifications of tools that can be used for search engine optimization. The other major classifications are content-creation tools, link-building tools, and optimization tools. Content-creation tools to create and maintain articles, blogs, websites, press releases, eBooks, videos, audio files, images, video slideshows, etc. which all essentially help search engines find, extract, and organize content in a way that search engine robots can crawl and index easily. Link-building tools to build links from one website to another.


The first step in getting a top listing on Google or any other search engine is creating good content. A very popular free tool, Squidoo, actually has an entire section dedicated to helping people write great content. An entire article may only consist of two hundred words or less, so it is very important that you optimize your articles for search engines. There are a few different steps you can take, but a great one is to write an article and read it through. Then you can go back in your WordPress blog and do some SEO on the article’s keywords.


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